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We are fully trained and experienced in traing the police, army and members of the public. If you require any of our training feel free to contact us.

We specialise in security laws and self defence.

Training Offered:

Criminal law regarding Self Defence
Health & Safety legislation (Optional)
Safe & Secure Working Environment
Personal safety / security
Reviewing Environment Awareness, Threat Assessment & Analysis, Staff Personal Safety Policies and Procedures, Personal Safety / Security issues & procedures being undertaken.
De-escalating & Confronting Situations
Indicators of aggressive behaviour
Levels of aggressive behaviour
Identifying aggressive signals and behaviour and how they relate to each level of threat
De-escalating & de-fusing situations
Identifying methods of defusing and de-escalating a potential confrontational situation – to achieve a win – win outcome.
Practical Applications
Personal safety zones
Explanation of personal safety zones and how they relate to staff’s personal safety
Breakaway techniques (tailored towards the working environment)
Security Training in London, Hertfordshire, Essex and on request World Wide.